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Advertise Your Facebook Shop By Shopify Like a Pro: 5 Common Facebook Advertising Mistakes to Avoid

Looking for the best way to advertise your Facebook shop by Shopify and hopefully boost your sales? For starters, avoid these 5 common Facebook advertising mistakes!

Facebook offers one of the best, most robust, and largest platforms for businesses and brands of all sizes to connect with their customers.

As a new business owner, it can be disappointing to discover how much error, trial, and learning are included in the beginning, especially if you invest a lot and you expect real outcomes, so keep reading to know how to sell products on a Facebook shop.


One good thing is that man do-everything-yourself business owners tend to make the same mistake. Whether your ads on Facebook haven’t gotten a single sale or you are not seeing the return on what you are investing, here are some common Facebook advertising mistakes that you need to avoid:

1. Not investing in audience research: There is a diverse audience on Facebook and depending on what you are selling, your audience could be smaller, bigger, and different from the one you want to target. It is important to test out some audiences in the beginning. This doesn’t mean that you should focus on education and research. No, you need to find the right way to do an audience research. Do some exploring and see what can you learn about different interests.

2. Targeting a too broad audience: One common mistake with paid advertising is going too broad with the audience you want to target. You may think that everyone is a potential buyer, however, what you are paying for is the people your Facebook ads reach. You cannot advertise your Facebook shop by Shopify if you are targeting the wrong people. If the audience is broad, try to narrow it with interests that your main target group must match for.

3. Being impatient: When promoting your products, with any kind of paid advertising, it can feel like you are losing your investment if you aren’t getting outcomes right away. We assume you are feeling compelled to optimize your ads so they can give better results. In the beginning, gathering the right information is key.

It is important to have a clear idea of how much you are interested in spending to get one or more customers. Try not to make any quick decisions about your ads, until you’ve reached at least 1000 people. Once you reach 100 people, you’ve got enough information to learn something from the performance of your ads if they don’t get any sales. Remember, being impatient can only harm your business and your store’s performance. You need to give Facebook an opportunity to learn over time. We recommend you to install the Facebook Pixel (you can do it via your Shopify store). Facebook’s advertising platform uses Facebook Pixel to track and learn and improve the targeting.

4. Not using the value out of your ad investment: Your main goal is to boost your sales. However, there are some other things you can get from an ad. You can also collect emails from the visitors on your site, you can engage directly with people who comment on your Facebook ads to help them buy the products they want, you can get more likes and comments on your post to create social proof for your ad over time, you can retarget visitors to your website, and much more.

5. Not using all of your available information: There is a lot of valuable information you can use to add in your ads. For example, you can use CTR or click-through-rate (the percentage of people who clicked on the ad), website purchases (the number of purchases the Facebook ad brought in), cost-per-click (how much you are paying for each click), frequency (how many times each person you are reaching has seen the Facebook ad). 

Facebook ads can take some time, however, they are the most effective way to distribute any business message and it is definitely worth investing.