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Are you selling on Facebook? If not, you are losing precious chances. First, you miss an opportunity to give your online store a social aspect. People always buy in shops they receive a social reception and exchange of information. Also, you are ignoring a chance for promoting your business for free. You create your business awareness through posting on your Facebook pages, groups, and your profile. You do not pay a dime to do this. Above all, you’re closing your eyes to a market size of more than 2 billion. Can you avoid such a market? However, selling on Facebook is not a guarantee of success. You can fail if you ignore several aspects. Here are 3 elements that can lead to your business fail if you ignore them:

Lacking emotional marketing messages

As a business person, you deal with human beings. These beings have feelings. For a person to take the desired action, you must induce an emotional feeling. In simple terms, customers will make decisions depending on how you make them feel about your products. Plain marketing messages that create a zero emotion on your targets will lead to zero sales. Hence, when developing your marketing messages, ensure they carry some emotional feelings. A customer should feel happy and desire to possess your offers.  This way, you will earn high conversion rates. Hence, if you want to make sales, you need not pay attention to the emotional aspect of your marketing messages.

Missing a call to action

You might have the best product and using a perfect marketing approach. But if you do not tell your customers what to do next, you won’t drive any sale. Call to action is essential. Regardless of whether you are selling on Facebook or any other platform, you need to direct your prospects on the next move. Missing a call to action means that your prospect will enjoy the ride, but you will not gain from it. For example, only a few audiences can move on to sharing your content unless you request them to do so. Hence, always pay attention to your action calls.

Ignoring customer services

Selling on Facebook does not mean you should ignore the customer service. Regardless of your selling point or platform, offering the best customer support is crucial. You must be available to listen and offer a solution to your customers. Ignoring customer services will mean zero sales and losses.